Linden Secondary School for Boys, Gloucester.

School Motto: Tenacity of Purpose

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Well the buildings have gone and all thats left are the railings and the tarmac and distant memories, perhaps you would like to share them.

I find have copies of the School Magazine 1961, 1962 and 1963.

This poem on page 44, May 1961 brought back memories and made me laugh!

Our Staff

By R.Wilding. Form 4. (1961)

Our Metalwork master, Mr Kelly,
Works over the forge and drips like a jelly
He is indeed a worthy sight,
Trying to teach us with all his might.

Pop, Pop, Pop, - we know this noise;
It's Mr. Rees - look out you boys!
He glides between the milling hordes,
And parks his jet behind the boards.

Mr. Wolfe, who does not like meat,
Likes to have Cheesnax for a treat.
He strokes his moustache and with a sigh
He says, 'What a lovely growth have I'.

We have a master who travels much faster,
Than anyone I can name,
He had a scooter without a hooter,
Did our dear old Mr.Wayne.

Mid'st all the fun and games and laughter,
Strutting in comes our History master,
At once there is a deadly quiet,
Who has entered? Why Mr. Wyatt.

Run faster - Go-ooooow Mr Talbot is our P.E.master,
Who makes you run faster and faster,
He coolly calls his orders out,
And then we start to jump about.

Mr. Thomas is so good at Maths
You show him your book and he says it's trash.
He calls you a great thundering pest
But even so, makes you do the rest.

Mr Evans who comes from Staffs.,
Teaches R.I. and if anyone laughs,
He has committed a trivial offence
So therefore he must - 'Stand in the bench'.

We have a teacher called Mr. Ricketts
Who on the games field teaches cricket.
He bowls the balls to the boy with the bat,
Someone in mid-field shouts, 'How's that?'.

Mr Sterry, who wears a black beret,
in class is often merry
He teaches Science in the Lab,
Always looking for someone to nab.

There are some more I'd like to mention
But at the risk of having a detention,
Miss Hanney, Messrs. Magern, Meredith, Charter, Stephens and Clark,
All of these have left their mark.

Oh, I know whom I forgot!
It is our Headmaster, Mr. Scott,
He likes to keep us in good order,
You dare not stray across the border.

School Magazine May 1962, Number Ten

School Magazine May 1962, Number Ten

School Magazine May 1962, Number Ten

In 1963

Roger Vaughan, B.A., B.Sc.Hons.
(Linden 1959 - 1963)


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