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Roger Vaughan

Roger Vaughan

Welcome to my 2014 website!
Hi! I'm Roger, I hope you find something of interest in all this, if you do, or you can contribute in some way drop me a line

I live in Gloucestershire, England U.K.
Thank you for visiting my pages, they are the result of my odd moments over the last 16 years, I think it is useful to add to the internet my interests and collections and if we all did this, what a great place it would be!

Victorian Photographs

I started collecting old photographs in 1998 and this seemed to be a suitable subject for a hobby website. I now have probably more than 4000 photos that form an online picture library. I have found it interesting to work out how to date old photos as this was not done well on any site I could find.


I made geology collections early in my life, followed by evening classes in geology, and finally the Open University (B.A.), and then Bristol University (B.Sc.Hons. Geology). I am now a retired Geology Museum Curator so I am one of the lucky people, who managed to turn their hobby into a job. This means I now have a new hobby, collecting, examining and dating old photographs and finding out about the photographers.
I also have a large book collection, made partly as a way to find out about the world of the Victorian naturalist the Rev. Leonard Jenyns (later Blomefield) and his friends, including Charles Darwin, and so my interests have expanded!
The photographs are also in a way due to Jenyns, he had a carte-de visite photo taken and pasted in the front of the copy of his autobiography "Chapters in My Life ":
the copy he gave his second wife. Before seeing this I didn't know they existed, now I have thousands!

I enjoy watercolour and oil painting which is good fun.

Most of my painting were created at art classes
See some of my paintings
My Paintings

If you live in the Gloucester - Bristol District you can Join the Art Class

I sometimes give talks or lectures on the Rev Leonard Jenyns and his life, or on the Hornsleasow dinosaur excavation and sieving project that I was involved with in the late 1980's (early mammals, mammal-like reptiles, pterosaurs, small dinosaurs ...) (see G.A.) and I have now given many talks on how to date an old photographs.

My Publications

R.F.Vaughan Cotswold Dinosaur Excavation, Geology Today, Sept-Oct 1988; pp 150-151.

R.F.Vaughan The Excavation at Hornsleasow Quarry, Interim Report No1. 1988, pp.65, City Museum & Art Gallery Gloucester. England.

R.F.Vaughan Book Review of Geology and the Local Museum, Modern geology, 1990, Vol.15, pp.124-127.

J.D.Delair & R.F.Vaughan The First Record of Portlandian Plesiosaurs from the Portlandian of Swindon. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine. Vol. 85 (1992) pp121-127.

S.Metcalfe & R.F.Vaughan A New Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) Microvertebrate Site, within the Chipping Norton Limestone Formation at Hornsleasow Quarry, Gloucestershire. Proceedings of the Geologists Association Vol 103, part 4 1992, pp.321-342.

R.F.Vaughan Some Interesting Letters to the 19th Century Naturalist, the Rev.L.Jenyns. Botanical Society of the British Isles News, December 1992. No. 62 pp.32-33. BSBI

R.F.Vaughan Exhibition Booklet "Relaunch" Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (Relaunch on 4-5th May 1993) pp.19.

R.F.Vaughan 1846-1996. Geology of the Cotswolds and Environs, and the National Contribution made by our Members. Proceedings of the Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club. Vol. XLI, (I). 1996. pp. 69-74.

R.F.Vaughan The Cotteswold Naturalists' Field Club: Biographical Notes on the Geologists, Cotteswold Naturalists Field Club Vol. XLI (II).1998. pp. 196-221.

R.F.Vaughan Biographical entries on John Leonard Knapp (author of Journal of a Naturalist), Edwin Witchell geologist of Stroud, and The Rev.Leonard Jenyns (later Blomefield) for the New Dictionary of National Biography, New DNB publication in September 2004

Roger F. Vaughan 2004. Biographical entries on: John Leonard Knapp, Edwin Witchell, Leonard Blomefield and Hugh Edwin Strickland for Thoemmes Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century British Scientists

Roger F. Vaughan, in 'Leonard Jenyns, Darwin's Lifelong Friend, A Victorian Naturalist & His World' Edited by Ian Walace, Part One: Leonard Jenyns 1800 - 1893, pp. 15-23. Publications of the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution. Hardback 372 pages. 2005.
RLSI site with the book

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